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We all have them...big and small...the wonder and fearful beauty of being human. Nothing to be ashamed of, and kept inside they can wreck havoc. Bring them out in the sun.

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can't keep my mouth shut
pressure builds up inside me
and the balloon bursts
i was given gifts
which i have let lie fallow
too weak to use them
Faults in others gleam,
But I look in the mirror,
and can't see a one!
HA! What a perfect reflection...
get a new mirror
i'm sure yours is defective
we've all got them, dave
Don't let Dr Dave fool ya...

dave is tongue-in-cheek
more aware than most of us
of his own foibles
What was I thinking?
Why did I fall so deeply?
How'd I get so lost?
Just another page
If the dishes don't get washed
no one's here to see
I once had a thought
that I made my first error
but was mistaken

(if you believe this, I have some land in ......)
I walk each mornig
feeling after - virtuous!
future fat is mine.
I promise myself
green fixes and giving ways
still I drive alone
I love you, Westerly! Long time no see...thanks for this!
I said I wouldn't
I want so much more than this
damn failed intentions




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