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I can't find DD's hot haiku thread, so I thought I'd start a new one. My guy has "erotic" words fridge magnets & we've started leaving fun, erotic haikus for one another on the fridge, so it's made me want to write some here as well.

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your delicious touch
caressing my smooth belly
brings sweet agony

You put your lips low,
You suck beneath my belly,
And trumpets will blare.
finger to your lips
deep in ecstasy...eyes closed
one pearl of your love
Absolutely beautiful, Kooner...

deep penetration

souls striving for deeper still...

eternal climax

he inclines toward me

his mouth soft and sensual

his eyes green as sin


"kiss me, beloved"

lips open, barely touching

he courses through me






the door opens wide

your cashmere topcoat rustles

you blow in like rain


pressing me backward

you force your leg between mine

my nipples stiffen


all hardness and heat

you devour me hungrily

i unzip your fly


"i want all of you"

there in the hall we prove it

over and over







one such fantasy

always bakes in the oven

alas, just white bread 

Can I get an "amen" for one particular fantasy loaf, d's dear? I think that particular white bread could be pretty tasty. I'll send your toque....


fleshly celtic knot

he, she, him, and her entwined

orgasmic ail don


(Ail don=Gaelic for "second wave.")

delicate flower

I kiss the lips of thigh love

you move my hair back

I stroke your desires

internally thrusting hot

G note orgasims


glistening with rain

your lips call me with silence

kisses wait to speak


your hair, a halo

dark and streaked with silver light...

the heavens name you


angel and devil

salvation and damnation

come into my arms


enter the sanctum

light the candles, spill the wine

consume me and weep









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