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History on a national or international level, your own personal story, or your favorite history professor. Have at it in three lines of 5/7/5 syllables, respectively.

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Hezekiah Niles
life active and vigilant
Quaker patriot
mount the podium,
My Light, beautiful and wise
and speak of the past

now is not the time
to leave us all in darkness
wandering alone
seen from a distance
history, real and unreal,
he tries to teach truth

his discerning mind
embracing all potentials
open like a book

those craving knowledge
seek him like rain in a drought
drinking him deeply

inclusive genius
serving the past and future
historian mine
History / her story
both plausible, true for each
Worth pain and hard times?
our story is love
entirely worth the pain
that life brings us all

life, a paradox..
the more one loves, the greater
the pain at its end

Thanks for your gifts, M.
once thought we had it
perfect union for all time
guess it had some flaws
perfection is cold
deep love is burning soul fire
the flames may scorch all
Seeing what is past,
How much time should be spent there?
I will seize today.
Today is what counts
ruminations create dust
sweep it clean, move on
my mind is dusty
filled with detritus of dreams
and loves passed away
our pasts and futures
intertwine in defined lines
weaving our webs home
carpe diem, dave
your beautiful mind moves on
yet honors the past




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