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Scottish roots are there
a mix of something somewhere
and somehow I am
italian and scot
two girls; a rich heritage
steep them in both worlds...

(to one who loved me
when another skin enclosed
this warrior's heart )

from two different worlds...
old and refined, young and wild...
we came together

i, not fit for love
you, afraid to lose yourself
we, like moths to flame

i had to have you
you couldn't live without me
the embers burned hot

as hard as we fought
to keep distance between us
our hearts embraced love

the sparks lit a fire
the fire, a conflagration
and we were consumed
i speak ancient words
tongue of our shared ancestry
"tha gaol agam ort"

smiling you respond
"tha gaol agam ort-fhèin"
heather scents the air
heather and shamrock
fierce independant spirits
entwined forever
wear your kilt proudly
mo nighean dubh, mo ghradh draughn
we are who we are

scions of scotland
highland tempests roil our blood
solitude calls us

i guess i'm not dead...
tears for love found and love lost
thanks to robert burns

For DD...

far across the sea

westward to america

tears fell from my eyes...

This is absolutely wonderful, DD!!!

Your gran-mar must have been an exceedingly strong and determined woman. I hope to hear some of those tales she told you.

If I ever give a toast again, I'm going to use hers...


a fool from the start
now i'm paying with my heart...
i belong to "he"




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