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Who the hell am I?
Heritage? Lineage? Blood?
Or some boundless soul?
boundless, perfect soul
expressed through the flesh and blood
of many nations
Sisters Through Out Time
Women In Caves And Castles
In Rooms Of Bamboo

On Grass Or Sweet Silk
Under Stars Or In Firelight
Moaning With Lovers

Given Or Taken
Their Cries Weave A Chain To Me
As I Lay With You
I agree!
Irish Girl Dancing
Greek Girl Smashing The Dishes
They Both Fill My Soul
And Here You Have It
Perfect Storm Of Genetics
That Has Brought You Me
My YaYa's Brown Eyes
Aunt Georgia's Long Curly Hair
And That Stoneback Tooth!....LOL
ya'sou lily roth!
greek and irish passion burns
in those big brown eyes

my "husband" also
sprang from laurel and shamrock
intense, with a brogue
heather and claymores
brave hearts roaming highlands, free
bagpipes' stirring call

stuart, draughn, gordon
gillis...my lover and I
form a celtic knot

Mòran taing, DD! Tha gaol agam ort.


An ciaradh m'fheasgair 's mo bheath' air claoidh
Mo rosg air dunadh 's a' bha\s gun chli.
Stiuir cu\rs' an lar leam gu Eilean ciatach
Gu Aignish sgiamhach far an d'a\raich mi.
An sin gun ca\irich sibh mi 'san fho\d
A measg mo cha\irdean 's mo shinnsrean co\ir,
Ri tonnan ba\rr-gheal a' bualadh tra\ghad
'S ri machair Aignish nan laoigh 's nam bo\.

When day is over and life is done
Mine eyes have closed and my strength has gone,
O westwards take me and quietly lay me
In Aignish graveyard beside the sea.
There please leave me by kith and kin
By parents kindly and all my friends,
By white waves pounding on beaches sounding
By Aignish graveyard beside the sea.
Pledge our lives to you
now, as we did in the past,
blood shed and blood shared




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