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“Politics is for the present, but an equation is for eternity,” Albert Einstein. What's your equation for forever??

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ride forever, love
never ending horizon
the infinite now
there it is again
the concealed door sutra, mmmmmm,
ever a favorite....
passing on and on
our souls travel at light speed
to the end of time

there they are transformed
into the very fabric
of the universe

the tree of knowledge
and the tree of life renewed
we, adam and eve
black sea of nothing
that is forever to me
the rest? day by day
The older I get,
The more I both see- and can't.
The river flows on.
I cannot perceive
The concept of 'forever'
Or 'infinity'

I can only sense
The blurred edge of their presence
Just beyond my grasp
past lives remembered
sense of continuity
glimpse of forever

you will stay with me
at the core of my being
beyond forever

You spoke of "forever" countless times. 

I listened to this song today, a song we shared, and I wanted to rip away the veil and dance with you again, so very close, nothing between us, our bodies expressing what words never could. To touch you again. To feel your amazing energy. To kiss your lips. To hear your loving voice. To laugh from my soul. To look into the most beautiful eyes in the world and see forever.

Words are inadequate to express how much I love you and miss you, and yet they're all I have.

indifferent fate
robs us of our earthly dreams...
forever is ours

Dancing with you again--music and dance were such a part of our lives. Your beauty and joy never fade in my mind.

like a dream to me
that you loved me as you did
always forever




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