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waiting for your words
images wrought on paper
flowing like water

swept by the current, swirling,
eddies of the mind
Just a blank white thing.
Some vellum or a canvas,
aching to be filled.
Mmmmmmmmmmm. Yes, aching.
hmmmm, hammer, rock, hips
perhaps "sexuality"
is the thread you meant....

Tee hee.
fearlessly risk all
magical, creative soul
then and now, beloved
beauty in marble
beauty in the sculptor's eyes
all things beautiful
passion in your heart
joy in your very being
creative power
must write, must draw, must...
is the operative word.
compelled to create
when it is a must
creativity can lag
impromptu is best
our creative drive
winding down unique pathways
then ending right here
very excited
giving myself permission
to create again

to hell with caution
pinching those pennies, be damned...
i must feed my soul
go for it my dear
let poetic juices flow
dazzle us again




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