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I know I have a few to make... And, everyone is owed a few....

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pressing you too hard
mindlessly seeking the "truth"
probing where it hurts

Forgive me.
suggesting you walk
unarmed through the lion's den
i'm an idiot
This isn't a haiku, but a quote that I would love to witter into one: "The most you can hope for is an apology for all the things you aren't going to get." Can we make this a team effort?
Here are my tries:

castles in the air
gossamer apologies
presage transgressions

And, straightforward:

most we can hope for
are heartfelt apologies
for what we won't get

More haiku-like:

grey clouds weep raindrops
apologizing to earth
for blue skies blemished
what we hope for most
is not what we're not getting
but the apology
it's when what we have
not overwhelms what we have
that we lose our way
You are a gift to all of us, DD! XOXOXOXOXOX


no cow pies here, D
just honest feelings for you
take off your wellies!
DD: ha! brilliant retort!
but you are here now
no sins, no rawness, and no need
to apologize
Dodger, this is beautiful.
How can I express
...sigh... for thoughtlessness spoken
I am so sorry!




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