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Furry or feathered or scaly children...most of us have had one or many. I find it hard to live without them. How about you?

This is dear Miss Itty Bitty Kitty.

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Oh, I'm so glad Sophie is doing well!

'sup gypsy chickens?
dissolute street-smart poultry
pimpin' in key west


mr. ruari puss
small orange tornado of love
brightening our lives

never close enough
you press against daddy's thigh
to keep you both warm

whimsical buddy
doing supermen of joy
making daddy laugh

constant companion
the other man in the house
daddy's little boy

tonight you were called
by some ancient mystery
to follow your pack

happy houdini
you slipped past earth's boundaries
toward eternity

bright fields await
endless games and endless treats
with countless new friends

and as each day ends
you'll wait happy and content
for daddy to come

Daddy loves you and thanks you for being in his life, dearest Nipper, and for loving him no matter what. And so do I. I hope we'll see you on that wonderful new plane of existence.

sweet morning glory
mommy's dearest little girl
gone in a moment

a primal instinct
called you to protect your world
from all intruders

but you could not know
that death careened toward you
out of the darkness...

in your last moments
your mother held you gently
and all pain vanished

now a new sun shines
and you will play forever
in your green valley




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