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A new sunrise, a new outlook, a new or forever love...whatever renews you...


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stand up, you lovers!
give the world a brand new day
let your love lights shine
light shines from within
her, and when I'm inside her
I see all colours...
your light burns inside...
the two of you together
outshine all rainbows
My heart's aflutter--
Might this grow up to be love?
I am SO In Like!
you go, quilty girl!
like is the dramatic plot
love, the dénouement
This morn is fragrant,
The air, soft and enrobing
My heart flows to you!
floating on the breeze
kisses make their way to you
new vistas open
old truths swept away
life seen clearly through new eyes
fresh and clean as rain
Clock turned to zero,
But the flow is still flowing,
Ah, a brand new day!

my apologies to Sting!
start over from zed
the same cast of characters
a whole new outlook
my new time awaits
impetus yet to unfold
I welcome it so
slip this sack of flesh
soul ascending to the source
bright as the noon sun




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