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The moments we live for...swirling, golden feelings that lift one up. Share some in 3 lines of 5/7/5 syllables, respectively...

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BAD? It's absolutely wonderful!

If anyone has ever captured the way I feel about my Beloved...YOU just did it without meeting him (or meaning to, undoubtedly...HAHAHAHAHAHA).

"Sunlight and spice."

"Summersaults of joy." (I ADORE the combination of words, BTW...summer + somersaults= summersaults!)


the sound of your voice

assuages my aching heart...

temple bells ringing

invincible love

life won't harm it, neither death

my heart its refuge

"Our home" tomorrow

A new chapter in our love 

Oh! I cannot wait!

dreaming of your touch
my heart whirls like a dervish




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