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I love vegetarian and vegan foods.   My son, his wife and boys are vegans.  It is fun for me to eat with them because they always make the best food and I get to learn new dishes I can make at home for myself.  My husband is a meat eater and so I end up eating more meat than I usually want just because of that.   Still when ever I can I'll have just vegetarian.  

One of my favorite vegetarian meals is Lentil soup with a nice homemade bread.  I could eat it a lot more often than I do and be very happy.   What are some of your favorite vegetarian dishes? 


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Comment by Angharad on January 17, 2018 at 11:10am

Several years late on this reply. :>)

Sounds like a real feast, Sue!

I was a vegetarian most of my life (I now eat some poultry and fish), and vegan meals found their way into my diet, of course. I used to make lots of Indian meals--that's a cuisine that is high in vegetarian/vegan fare--and lots of Asian meals with vegetables from the garden. Sometimes, though, I just liked to keep it really simple.

One of my family's favorite simple meals was stewed fresh tomatoes, rice, and coleslaw made with several types of cabbage, carrots, and whatever else found its way into the bowl. I used to poach some chicken thighs for my "husband" and son when they really wanted protein. It was a very plain meal, but the contrast of the intense, slightly sweet tomatoes with the comforting, filling rice, and the crunch and vinegar burst of the coleslaw was very satisfying.

Comment by Grammie Sue on September 21, 2014 at 7:17am

Hi.  Well I got to make my first completely vegan dinner the other night.  My son and his kids came over and we all ate good.  I asked them how I did with making sure they got enough and that they got a balance of nutrition and they thought I did ok.  My menu was Lentil soup, roasted carrots, potatoes and mushrooms, cabbage salad with raisins, carrots and apples, mixed with veganaise, and pineapple slices.  I did make to hamburger patties for my husband. 



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