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It seems that the Tea Party does.

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Hate is a strong word, dislike might be better, and it isn't America, it is what some dislike about the nature of what and how a country is operating and going as to a future.  And yes, some are still arguing about the past, what did and did not happen as to history of the why, how and what has happened to the people and country over the years, years that started before the founding of the very same country that some dislike.

And no, not everyone can be "happy" when they experiences are not, not "happy" which maybe due to what some see as the fault and actions of others.  And some see themselves as victims of what others have done and are doing that impact on life and living as they see it, and of the lives of others, as they see it.  

Perspective is much of what the perception of being and being in America is what it is all about.  And some do not see it with rose colored glasses, some some see it as dark, humiliating, grinding existence bought on by others, real or imaginary.   

And yes, there are takers and givers, and there always has been and will always will be, it is how one sees and feels about it that makes the difference.  And some are more equal than others, at least down on the farm.

So...they only dislike blacks, hispanics, women, and other religion?  Could've fooled me.

The tea poopers don't hate America. They just hate every other American that they have to share it with.




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