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So I have a question to ask the Liberlas in the group and the members who support the president no matter what. Does it bother you that almost a year later we have very few answers about the 4 dead Americans in Benghazi? Does it bother you that certain groups were targeted by the IRS and years after applying for certain designations, they have no answer? Does it bother you that the DOJ targeted the AP and specifically targeting a Fox News reporter? Does it matter that the AG has been caught in lies after being sworn in, and he's the top attorney in the country? For example the report that just came out about how the AG lied in order to wire tap and investigate Rosen and his family?

It seems that either most Obama supporters just don't care, or for some other reason are giving him a pass on these issues or is it just me that wonders why no one cares?

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"Change nothing"

Oh, I don't know...we may see the Republican Party getting a lot smaller.

If all those replies didn't send base2final scampering, nothing will.

he might be on a mission...in fact he sounds suspiciously like a new id for one of the drones we've had before..remember ?

facts? we don't need no stinking facts

Yeah, it's CapeCod in a brand new dress.

i thought it smelled fishy




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