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Have any of you gone through Cancer, what kind and what were the treatments for it?

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Yes Lilrain.   I had breast cancer 11 years ago.   I had a lumpectomy and a week later a mastectomy.   I had chemotherapy and radiotherapy, lost my hair, the lot.    BUT ..... I am still here to tell the taıl - that's the main thing!

I had 3rd stage endometrial cancer Gill, lost my hair, eyelashes, eyebrows everything. Had Chemo and radiation. that was 7 years ago. I'm blessed to be as healthy as I am. During that time I continued to work. What a journey. Gill, we're strong :) Hugs dear one.

yes i once had that big"C" back in 1992 and it woke me up. Showed me to b thankful for everything especially my 2 young Grand Daughters, it's so good to be alive!

Yes Crissy - that Bıg C does do that to you - makes you see thıngs ın a dıfferent lıght.   They say cancer only hits the good people - You, Lilrain and I must be three of those!!   LOL

We is, we is ! lol ;)


Oh my, Kayz....What an arduous journey for you! So sorry.

Wow kayz ... you certaınly ARE a Bıg C survıvor!   Well done!

I nevvr had cancer but my mother went threw it




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