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What's your favorite dinner foods?  Do you like to cook it or get take out?

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I love salmon with some vegetables and a good garlic bread. Yummm!

Wow that's some Pizza ! What's that white stuff on top?   I too love Uno-Due and also Nancy's Pizza on te North side of Chi-town too.  There's so much to choose from I guess. lol

Yup.  The New Yorkers will complain.....but I think Chicago has the best pizza around. 

Pizza without sauce isn't pizza to us New Yorkers, Karin.  Pizza in MD has sauce, but it's not the same as NY pizza either, but after 24 years I've learned to enjoy it anyways

i'm only familiar with Jersey pizza,it's good stuff.

My favorite would be lobster, but I wouldn't cook it at home.  A good steak would come in second.  (surf n turf is pure Nirvana!) 

Where pizza is concerned.....I'm a devoted fan of Uno's or Duo's in Chi-town. 

When I cooked at home I was known for my homemade noodles, beef and mashed potatoes. Don't cook much, but when I go out its usually Mexican food or salad bar

I can BBQ anything. Using a Weber and charred hickory or mesquite and I make a mean pork tenderloin. My secret rub makes it tasty and crispy on the outside and juicy as heck on the inside. BBQ some asparagus and baked potatoes and voila!

Sounds good to me Johnnieboy, except for the asparagus.  I'm not sure what could make me like those.  My son claims if they are made right, I'd eat them.  Maybe you have the secret. 

Ok Helen, I'll substitute corn on the cob for you.

Can never get enough corn on the cob, Johnnieboy.  I especially love white sweet corn.  I almost bought some this morning, but it's heavy to drag home on the back of the stroller.  Maybe on Wed.  I have an appointment not far from the store and I'll be alone. 




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