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It's Friday and the weekend is here.  I'm excited about being able to get out and walk with the baby. What are your plans for the weekend?

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For this evening?  Just relaxing.  Been a hectic week at work.  It's cold and windy here so I'm going to throw a few logs in my fireplace and settle in with a book.  To me . . . that's a domestic vacation! ;-)

Sounds like a plan, Leftygrl.  It's too hot here for a fire, but it's pouring down rain.  Where are you located?

I live with  and take care of an old couple during the week (well, the husband died 2 weeks ago so its just the wife now) and I go home for the weekend to my dogs and I "putz" around my house usually for ONE day and the OTHER day, I spend with my boyfriend but my boyfriend has had some health problems, depression, and job worries that have overcome him lately and so THIS week and probably a lot more in the future,  I am running home, grabbing TWO  of my FOUR dogs and spending the weekend with him (and HIS dog). We will probably head to the horse races as I have been DYING to go all winter long!! And probably head down and hang out at the local lounge for a few hours where we know everyone. He is preparing his garden so we will probably end up at Home Depot at some point...And inevitably, we will end up eating Chinese food at some point!!

BTW...for those worried dog lovers, my daughter gets home from work around 4 to take care of the other 2 and she will probably whisk them off to her boyfriend's house. She is 24 and though we live in the same house, we run into each other about once a week.




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