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Have you ever relocated and started over?  Would you consider doing it now?

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Left my husband and my home and moved to Georgia with $1K and what I could fit in the back of the Jeep when I was 40 - no place to live, no job.  I'd call that starting over.  Moved 6 hours away and started a new job 13 years later after my second husband died. That time I had a job first, and I found a place to rent a week before I moved.  5 years later I moved to Savannah - had a job lined up there but no place to live.  Three years ago, I retired (early), and moved into my little one bedroom condo that I had bought back in 2004 when prices were up (it's so underwater I call it the Poseidon Adventure now).  Even though I had a place to live and friends here, it was like starting over because I had to make all new friends since the old friends were my ex-boyfriend's friends.  I have done that, and life is good.  Hell, no, I have NO intentions of relocating and starting over again!

I relocated to NJ in 1975 and never felt at home, even after we bought a house.   We moved back to Long Island and stayed there for about 10 years.  We then relocated to Maryland in 1990.  My kids pretty much grew up here and all live within a few miles and I can't imagine leaving here.  I'd love to move somewhere where winter means it goes into the 50's, but I'd never get the kids to all move, so I guess I'll wind buried here.  I really like Maryland except from December through March and that's only because of the weather. 

Yes....more than once.


I relocated with my wife and family to FL in '87, now my kids are grown and my wife passed away, so I'm thinking seriously about relocating back to Wisconsin - just have to figure out the financial side of it!

I made my biggest moves when I relocated here to Virginia.  I had always lived in the Midwest....born in Minnesota, raised in Wisconsin, and raised my family in Illinois.  Coming down here was a big culture shock in the beginning, but I have come to realize that .....if it weren't for the fact that I have loved ones back there in Illinois and Indiana......I'd never go back there.  Other than Lake Michigan, the rest of the area is boring and flat and rather unattractive. Virginia is green, with rolling hills, lots of lakes, rivers, inlets, runs, and all kinds of history.  I feel really at home here now.  The weather is nice, and I kinda like living so close to the base.  I like listening to the guns with my morning coffee. :-)

I might have to.

Heading for warmer climes, Tim?

i'll know after November,it's kind of a legal thing.i'm not allowed to talk about it...yet.

Good luck with whatever it is. 

Yeah, good luck.  I hope you hang with us from wherever you end up. 


it's nothing real bad,,,do I look like a criminal?,,no,i look like a dead fish.it's sort of a property dispute.

I think I know what you mean.




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