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What is the one thing people ask you that you wish they wouldn't?  What do you wish they would ask you?

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Kooner, I agree.  Since I started this group, I feel compelled to keep coming up with topics.  Can be mind boggling at times, too.  I have another group on a different site and it's really getting hard on that one.  It's all much smaller.

when they tell me to relax,i freakin' lose it.

I can't stand another "where are you from?" question!

Zochitl, do you have an accent, that people keep asking you that?  I remember when I first moved to Maryland from NY and everyone teased me.  Now a friend from NY says I sound like a southerner. 

Why did you move up here from Texas..

Why have you been single 28 years- is there something wrong with you? No I like being single and am not looking.

we never say Joisey

Yeah, yoose do!

yous guys don't really believe that? Jersey doesn't rhyme with Boise.

My friend that lives in Dunellen sounds like that.  I love making fun of his accent.  He's the one that thinks I sound like a southerner, just because I say Y'all. 

I was in Dunellen about 2 weeks ago,i didn't see your friend.

Why haven't you ever married???? I've been asked this over a million times, and I'm tired of hearing it.....lol. My first thought is to respond back....."why have you been married so  many times....are you going to keep doing it until you get it right?".....lol. But I have never really said that...lol. I know too many people would get upset.

I wish they would ask......"what is the secret of being single and happy all your life?" I have a good answer for that....lol.




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