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For no good reason, here is the official video for Lana Del Rey's cover of "Blue Velvet":

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Certainly different from the Bobbi Vinton version!!  Thanks for sharing.....

I think the sultriness of her voice is more like velvet, but Vinton's version sets the standard.

A lot of her songs are very sensual, and some are very experimental.  She is one of the most "advance guard" singer/songwriters on the scene today.  She reminds me of Yoko Ono, except with more musical ability.

Interesting voice, and interesting video.

A young female artist that I truly admire is Jane Monheit.  I saw her in concert several years ago and her voice and talent just amazed me.


Thanks.  I hadn't heard of her before, but I'm putting "Moon River" and "Over the Rainbow" on my iPod wish-list.




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