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One of the most awkward questions a parent faces is the dreaded how-babies-are-made question. Well, a Canadian couple may have solved that parenting woe for all moms and dads! Photographer Patrice Laroche of Quebec, and his wife Sandra Denis, took a set of pictures at a gas station during Denis' pregnancy depicting...  well, how babies are made!
Laroche has posted the images, and they were so well received, that they have gone viral ever since!   His novel approach to explaining the birds and the bees -
Hilarious pictures chart their nine-month journey to parenthood.

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ROTFLOL  Oh My = what an inventive solution they came up with!!  LOL

Sorry, but I fail to see anything funny about this,

sure, adults could see the funny side of this,

but I'm appalled that those dangerous notions

are being planted in a young child's mind,

children would believe that.

I guess one could say I have exhausted my `hot air' now,

but it is the way I think about this.

Of course they didn't say the age of the child, but a friend of mine & her hubby r raising their daughters 4 tiny kids & I mean tiny/young.  It'd not b rite 2 tell them much else at that age - maybe when they're a few yrs older!

This is very creative answer to an age old question. 

Hmmm ... that's how all four of mine were born too! Is there another way?

There are so many "Pregnancy Time-Lapse Videos" out there now-a-days.   Here's another one that went viral, and there are several more interesting ones included in that same link.
Life is a beautiful thing.  This time-lapse video of a pregnant mom and expecting dad encapsulates nine-months in just under two minutes.  WATCH as this mom's belly grows until little Amelie Amaya is welcomed into the world. There are no delivery room theatrics in the video.

I think it's wonderful that pregnant women are not afraid or ashamed to show their growing bellies today.  Back in the 50's it was a totally different situation!

Ellen's Pregnant Dance Dares

Ellen challenged her pregnant viewers at home to make and send in their own Dance Dares... and they did! Here are some of the best.
Andt then there is THIS one - I wonder if I could have done that back when I was 9 months pregnant!?
Flexing my pregnant Belly
WOW - 37 weeks pregnant with #4. The result of having twins first is one stretched out belly!

Regardless if any other men agree with you, Steve, I respect the fact that you posted your thoughts and opinions!




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