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Happy mother's day to all the mother's and grandmothers.  Enjoy your day.

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Happy Mother's Day to you also and all the mothers and grandmothers out there..


Thank you.....and Happy Mother's Day to all of you other moms! I got treated to a lavish brunch at the Officer's Club at Quantico. They make a mean Bloody Mary. :-). And my charming son invited my friend...whose son is in the Corps and couldn't be here today. I think I'll keep him!

Hope everyone had a fun Mother's Day and if you are NOT a MOTHER, you ARE a daughter, so CELEBRATE it! My 25 year old daughter wanted to spend Mother's Day with me so we planned on dinner and whatever we thought of to do.  If it was NICE, we were gonna drive to Lake Erie and eat on the water and go to the outlets but it was FREEZING. Besides, I went out on Friday and did a little dance and CRACK went my hip. I hadnt even really got STARTED....just moved wrong. Its Sunday and its sore but dont think its actually broken as I suspected on SAturday. My daugther took me out for SEAFOOD on Saturday INSTEAD of Sunday. We thought we might beat the crowds. Then we rented a movie. This morning, I woke up to one of my 4 dogs staring at me with wagging tail and all excited and a few seconds later, my daughter walks in with "breakfast"....from McDonald's...perfect!! THEN...ALL the dogs sat quietly staring...it was actually kinda funny...guess they're not used to me eating THERE!! LOL!!

I had a wonderful day.My children had a Cookout for me,Everything was perfect except two of my sons could not make it.They are going to meet me Thursday in Daytona Beach at the Dog Track,We will have lunch and do a little betting.My daughter did all the side dishes. all I had to do was eat,I had no problem with that. Except for the extra exercise time I will have to put in this week.It was well worth it. I hope everyone had a very special day.


I had a wonderful day. My son who lives out of town sent me a card and a gift card. My son here, bought me a nice one serving cake, some clothes, and we went to breakfast. His wife worked a double shift  so she didn't get to go. Weather was nice. Then in the evening my doorbell rang (seldom anwser my door at night) and my young friend and her mother came with a nice plant for my front porch.




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