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I know that many of us had done some crazy things, but prefer not to discuss, but please let us hear from you.  It could be mind blowing to hear everyone's crazy things

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While riding the desert on my motorcycle, the trail zigged and I zagged. Over a cliff headed toward some real hurting when a big creosote bush broke my fall. Whew!

What's a creosote bush?

Desert plants. They are among the oldest living plants.

I still have it!

I thought I answered this.

Tim, it doesn't look that way, at least not until just now.  Must be that old senility creeping in.  :) 

yea,was a rough night.

Is that you?

nah,that don't come close to what I do.

No comment.......lol

Phil, so many guys did that back then.  The worst thing this country ever had was the draft.  I am all about an all volunteer military.  I have a friend whose two sons are active military and that's because they volunteered.  One just graduated from the Naval Academy and is now a US Marine. 




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