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I truly don't know what's happening, I got 67% been out of the game too long..lol

Boy, I'm really out of the loop! I only scored 56% :-(

Your Score:  56%              You correctly answered 5 out of 9 questions.

Helen,you got it going on.

Tim, the shock is, I didn't know I knew all that.  Stay warm.  

8 out of 9 right. Wish I was this smart about 35 years ago.

Holy Cow, Steve! What does that give you.....a Master's degree in dating? You should do very well in Florida! ;-)

Sounds like too much work. I think my good score came from reading Red Green's Guide to Understanding Women, although as I read it I was surprised at how much of his advice I already knew from my 59 years on this planet.

You have to be much less complacent like Steve talks about.  That's why I'll likely never date. I like living in my little world.  That quiz was pretty good I thought.  

44% a disaster on dating issues. Have so much to learn. 




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