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This should be an interesting topic.  Are you gray?  Do you dye your hair?  Do you prefer it gray?  I'm going gray at the temples and have a lot mixed in, but overall it's still pretty brown.  In my 40's I noticed gray at my temples and flipped out and started dying it.  I had some problems with my hair and had to stop and discovered 15 years later that it wasn't any worse that in my 40's.  It's still the same and I'm going to be 65 in October.

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nah,i don't have gray hair on my head,just in my chin spinach.

Me too. That's why I shaved it off.

i been growing this thing for just over a year now.my neice says she wants to braid it.

I have snow-white hairs on my temples.  I kinda like it.  I color my hair, though, because the rest of it is a dark, dirty blonde, same as it always was.  I just use a rinse-in thing....no real peroxide.  It's just a couple of shades lighter than my natural color. And the white at the temples always shows through after the first 3 or 4 washings.....but I don't care.  If it all came in like that.....I'd quit coloring it and let it go natural.  But I inherited my mom's tendencies to age slowly.....slow to gray....slow to wrinkle......I don't mind.  Works for me. 

Got mom's hair. Grey in front, brown in back. Would not dream of dying it.

Seems like I've answered this question once before.....lol. My hair is salt and pepper. Black with gray scattered all over. I have no plans on dying it. I also have gray in my mustache too..

It's not fair.....men look "distinguished" with gray hair......women just look "old".

ya know Karin,i did color the gray in my beard once,it really looked like i colored it.i don't know,just trying to contribut

yea no,i'm almost getting tired.

My ex had hair so dark brown it almost looked black. His beard, however, was black and silver striped.  It looked pretty cool, actually.  My uncle had light brown hair, and he decided to grow out his beard to celebrate the town Centennial.  It came in bright red!!  It looked like he dyed it, but he didn't. 

My brother used to color his but now he's just letting it go gray.  It looks better. 

I'm salt and pepper at the temples and dark brown all over.  I don't dye my hair and it hasn't changed in years.  My beard is light grey and of course I shave it.  I wonder if my face takes the grey and leaves the dark stuff for my head? (smile)

Now, see, Lynn??  This is what I mean!  If mine would come in like yours.....white and soft (like at my temples).....I'd go natural in a New York minute!  It looks very nice, Lynn.  And the cut is cute on you. 




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