On a recent evening, while switching through the excessive TV stations of nonsensical reality and game shows,I paused at one of the educational channels.  It was showing some footage of long closed Roosevelt Raceway here on Long Island plus a segment on the Roosevelt Raceway Flea Market . I had spent many Sundays there with my wife buying discount clothing and some of the best cheesecake in New York years ago.

     I knew my wife would be interested in viewing some of her fond memories of shopping there so I went into her bedroom where she was watching TV.  I told her to switch to the Roosevelt  Raceway Flea Market on another channel.  She was watching Ellen Degeneres.  Well, Ellen was dancing  on the stage and in the audience. Could my wife bear  to stop viewing something so important. ? Could she switch channels for just a few moments to see some footage of our favorite flea market. ? Apparently not.  After a few seconds of indecision and panic I saw on her face, I said "What's it gonna be? Ellen or Roosevelt.