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I do not know if this is even a real thing but it is to me.

when I see an image my mind forms a story.  Not all

images I see to this funny thing to my brain but some do.

I was wondering if this happens to any of you.

this canvas by Jack Vettriano

(Scottish, Contemporary, b. 1951 The Singing Butler, 1992.

has inspired me to write a little tiny story...how about you?

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The Master is in Trouble
After a long night of playing cards with his friends
the Master walks into the Manor to see the Mistress
sitting in a chair asleep in her silky crimson red
gown. Her slippers have fallen to the floor next to her
packed over night bags.  She is still wearing her long 
crimson gloves. She is a vision of beauty so how could
he forget their dancing date?
Tip toeing off to find if the butler and maid are still 
up he arranges with them a dance on the beach. While 
the maid arouses her Mistress the Master and butler 
devise a plan and the old battery operated record player
was set with beautiful  piano music called Lay in my bed by 
Connor Maynard. 
They plan to walk to the beach where
the dark skies are filled with billowing clouds.  The 
rain has stopped for a while and with umbrellas the four
find that flat hard place in the wet sand  where the butler
sings with an angelic voice so that his Master can win back the favor
of his Mistress. 
Love is a moment that lasts forever.JAK



it seems the butler is the only one with class

by the way this painting, well the one I put in, raised a lot of money on the auction block

I did not know there were two paintings of this nature by this self taught painter

I am so happy you are a Googler


I like your interpretation too

it reminded me of the story

Upstairs Downstairs

I used to watch on BBC




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