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I discovered a nice polite southern boy....at age 12

down in Hickory, North Carolina...forgot his name 

but I'll always remember that big smile and tossled sandy hair

am sure it was his Daddy telling him to behave

good thing I did not know what I know today

or I would have been in big trouble today!!!

I still prefer Southern gentlemen

When was your first discovery of the other sex?

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Bravo to you 

I never saw anyone

write  such a 




 Mr Musik  first impressions usually stick in our minds

Ice~man you made us a picture story...thank you so much

Fifth grade, several us kids playint hide & seek, 7th girl and were hiding and she dared me to kiss her, I did and right there I discovered girls.  She was very good looking & the fact she was  7th grade she did tell me I had to kiss her more and I did.

Wow played hide and seek with her again.

Keith you are a ladies man right from the start

I never had a hickory switch  across my butt but

i did get pussy willow switches (without the catkins) across my lower legs...

only three swipes at a time from Ma


a sit down and talk it out reasoning from my dad....

her stings were forgotten but his I remembered all the worldly talks from him

my goodness no wonder i am so interested in men

i lacked knowledge during my younger years

but i'm trying to catch up...I must be very boring  as

there are no groups of men flocking at my door

( the owner of this place does have a padlock on the main  gate)

not too much information for me if it is for others I'm sure they will tell you

ICE~MAN i think that would be an excellent idea to go out for a nice long walk,

fully covered for the weather conditions and breathe in the  nice cool air 


it's wonderful to be so pure you do not know

what is or could be going on

and to also have such a wise mother

i liked your story 


 also your story of the wet hair reminded me of a husband who came home with wet hair

since we did not have a shower in our cabin at that time i knew he was messing around in

muddy waters when I was at work....I told him so and he was more careful and sneaky

about where he went diving...found out more after his death more women were crying 

than you could ever imagine!




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