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If you died today and was giving a chance to comeback and live another life . Would You ?

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Absolutely...I'd be a rock star...money for nothing and chicks for free...talk about a well lived life.

Not that I'm shallow.

Shallow?????????  You are as deep as  a well....

I think I would like to return as an archeologist....and spend my life digging for artifacts or bones.

I've given this some thought from other similar posts ....would I have recall or restart from the beginning? I think I would rather pursue somethings in the arts...always an interest but never took the time..needed to earn a living that wasn't quite so chancey...or maybe find a patron of the arts...someone who could bankroll me.

I don't know.

Of course, I'm counting on it.

I might believe that we do get another chance.  I wouldn't mind. According to some, when we come back, we are surrounded by the same people only in different roles.  My husband might be my son or brother or sister in another life.

I'd like to see everyone again.

I had no problem liking my career as an English teacher so I can't think of something other job I would like, but I would like some artistic talent that I could do with wild abandon--belt out a tune that can make people cry like Sinatra, dance like crazy like Baryshnikov, play piano like Rubenstein.

Of late, I am not sure I would choose to come back.  Been feeling kind of low lately, so my enthusiasm for life is sorely lacking.  For no good reason mind you, I really don't have anything to complain about, just not feeling it lately.  This too shall pass. 

Sorry you both are having a bad day Calli and T.  I can relate.  Maybe that's why I almost look forward to another life. One of them has to be just really really good, no?  Gotta keep trying.

Has anybody had a really really good life?  Write down how you did it right here....

I need to get my friend Kate to write about her life.  According to her it all started with her parents, (esp. her daddy, she is southern)  They loved her unconditionally, she could do no wrong, according to her parents  Kate and her siblings they were the smartest, nicest, best looking kids, everyone loved them.  I don't know if they were, but it didn't matter, it's what they heard everyday.  She did go through a divorce, that she tried to save.  She has faith and always feels no matter how bad her life might seem to her, it never really is, because god is looking over her.   She has spent endless hours and money (she doesn't have a lot) to help those who are struggling.   When Oprah had her last give away show, there was Kate in the audience.  Everyone in the audience was invited because of the endless hours they put into helping others.   I love calling her my friend and even though we live far apart from each other, we always make time to spend endless hours talking on the phone.




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