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Here is mine, and the funny thing is, I married a man who lived in Arizona in a haze in the 70's.  This happens to be his favorite because he used to lie down in the desert at night.  Freaky!


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is this ok pat ??

AmrkinWoman, Yes, I was so very lucky to have seen Kris, especially in that venue and especially just him.  He was pure poetry that night.  I would chalk it up as a one of the highlights of my life!


Oh Patricia!  When I Close my Eyes is another wonderful song.  Absolutely!

Of all time? Can't say really.... different ones at different times.

Peaceful Easy Feeling...makes me smile a lot and wistful...I know about the Arizona haze and daze...spent many memorable nights in the Arizona desert. There were times when it was like the Eagles were chronicling my life in song album by album.

I feel that way about Van Morrison too though...Into the Mystic...Moondance...Crazy Love....Bright Side of the Road.....and ..and..I can't just pick one.




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