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Do you feel more sexy in different colored underwear than in traditional white ?

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Just getting into someone's underwear makes me feel sexy.

Not more sexy, I just like colorful things and no one knows but me and my husband sometimes.

Ok.....I'm gonna be the only oddball here. I prefer black lace or red satin.....if I have my choice. I like to wear them even when I am home alone....because I just like the way they make me feel. Maybe it affects my mood; I dunno.

When I have to wear underwear, it's not the color that makes me feel sexy it's the material.

its not the color but the girl who's wearin em that make em sexy .. sex is somethin you feel , it just comes over you like a wave , you smell it , sense it , hear it , see it , touch it , and if you get close enough , you can taste it too .. and it can be pink polka dots with orange stripes .. it won't matter .. if she has that special somethin .. she'll be sexy .. and if she feels the same for you .. then so will you .. madison ave. will try to sell you anything they can if they make you think it will add to your sex appeal .. just how white my shirts can be and he can't be a man cause he doesn't smoke the same cigarettes as me .. is it any wonder we can't get no satisfaction ?? it ain't your underwear .. its the one you're with ..  

I am glad you said ya can smell sex . It's like ya walking down a patch and all of a sudden ya smell a black snake somewhere close . I know very well the taste of women ....

Materal is formost the feel . Those ones that are editable are speciel too ....

'One step over the line, sweet Jesus, one step over the line' 

Donald, Donald, Donald! 

That's what I was saying.....it's not about someone else....I just feel good in certain colors or fabrics.

 For me, when I have three layers of heavy ugly clothes and socks on even in the house  in February on a 15 degree sleety gray day, it would take a helluvaguy to make me feel sexy, but that's because of winter blues.

Otherwise, feeling sexy is all the head--has little to do with what one wears.  Ergo, in the scenario I wrote above, it's depression that kills sexiness.




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