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My 6 year old grandson has been living with me for about a year and 1/2. I've tried , in my careless way, to be a good example and to be supportive. Despite my best efforts at parenting I find that there are signs that a somewhat abusive relationship may be developing...with me as the victim of elderly abuse. I'll just give some brief examples of how his 6 year old observations ( no malice appears to be intended)  have undermined my quest to enjoy a fulfilling life.

I take him hiking often. I hike and he runs.  He asked "how come you are so slow" I replied "I broke my foot and there is  a pin in it and  I'm not supposed to run" he replied "old people break easy".  

We are at the barbershop to get haircuts. I kiddingly say " when you're an adult maybe we'll get you a ponytail and we can look like twins" without hesitating he simply states "you won't be alive when I'm an adult". 

Yesterday we were at a huge waterpark. We are on inner tubes on the lazy river. He befriends a 7 year old girl and we all go around and around on the lazy river for about 40 minutes. The girl's mom looked adorable in her bikini and gleamingly wet skin, so I proceeded to entertain her, in my endearing predatory way (it's a gift). Eventually my grandson asks the mom "how old are you?" she replies "27 years old' and my grandson says "he's going to be 70".  

On the way home I kiddingly (yes, I'm quite the kidder) said "you don't have to tell people how old I am. I'm really young looking" his reply "you should take a look at yourself".

Does anyone on this site think that there is any reason to ever again let him out of his room? Id like to be fair.

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He could knock ya out of a lota sex ....

Welcome to Amber's world....Amber is 9 now and is slowly learning discretion. We eventually had to let her out of her room and depend on the kindness of strangers to understand the perils and tribulations of raising a grandchild. Never fear, my friend, there is still hope.

Sounds reasonable Dell.

When he's 9 years old I'll let him leave his room.

Aw, sounds like you are in love,Uno, in the way that Granpas love their little grandkids.  Beautiful!

Just wait until he tells someone where your wives are buried.

That's kind of crass dwalt.

I prefer to think of them as 'resting'.

Oh, I see.  "Dead tired".

and i got another grandson on the way any minute . i was feelin kinda good about it too.. till now .. i'm gonna have to rethink this whole situation .. 




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