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well i did the same dumb thing last time i started a group .. eeeeeeeeeeeee.. it says approve all members and i said ok .. but that means i actually have to approve all members .. i shoulda remembered thats how it was the last time too .. so i think i fixed it now ..now i don't approve any members you just write me a check and you're in .. ok .. i'm kiddin about the check .. send me cash .. money is always good .. 

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i don't think i ever had anyone approve of me...i better run mark this down on my roger the ranger calender...

yeah .. this is gonna be a crazy place almond .. you better get used to it .. 

uhhhh i was a little worried about you having to approve all members....i mean it is the only one i got and what if it isn't approved? what then?

Not to worry....I'll approve your member...

ohhhh you're a bad girl vic.. go to my room .. 

WOW!!!b i got a neat purple stamp and everything.....it says prime 100 per cent beef! i feel soooo...wait, i better not...never mind

she might stamp it harder than you can handle .. be careful .. 

Good thing I don't need approval; I'd be royally screwed!
I'm glad to see you again, Blithe.
Awww! We have the band back together!
Don't know if that's good or bad, but I do know it won't be boring.

good to see you karin .. 

aww kathy you know i always approved of you .. no matter what position you were in .. i still approved .. ok still teasin .. but i'm sure it puts a spring in your step tho don't it ?? 

and speakin of screwups .. anybody know where cg is ?? i heard he changed his name to clark kent so nobody would recognize him but if anyone knows his secret identity could you invite him here ? 

i need somebody here to make me look good when i show my ass as i'll probably do from time to time .. 




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