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Anybody else do em? I've probably broken as many as I've kept but the goal setting part of me kinda likes the starting over at the New Year...and for me not always some bad habit I need to quit. I know lots of people who make goals to get healthier by losing weight or getting more exercise or eating better.
For me, I feel like I need to start letting go of things in general...not to be such a control freak...to relax a little. Somethings no but many things.

How about you? Any goals to set for yourself this year?

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I am not good with resolutions but this year I am going to volunteer somewhere.  Haven't thought of where yet but I will.

Well i hope to get healthier and loose some weight . Also be a better person and make better post . So the ones that don't like me will leave me along ..

funny but i was thinking bout the new year myself when i was outside early this morning. in some asian cultures, you are supposed to have your home all cleaned and organized and all your bills paid by new years and it makes some sense. that gives you a sort of benchmark year to year to judge how you are doing as well as a time constraint to keep your own life in order. no resolutions for me but thanks anyway....

not so much for the resolutions, but this year I do have major decisions to make.... there's a big life change coming up and what am I really going to do about it? my daughter will be having her baby in about 11 weeks!  so am I distant grandmother from 1500 miles away? or do I pack up and move down there? we're talking Massachusetts to Florida, which seems like a no-brainer... yes, I could 'retire', get social security a few years early, still work part-time, could buy or rent a place... or just go down for a very limited time-maybe get a 2 week vacation from current job-- and then come back and see the baby grow up via pictures?  altho they have said they 'might' come back here--she has been down there 3years now and misses family and friends--now that everyone is having babies too...  the problem is not sure I could not afford to come back w/o a full-time job... and I'm really tired of working, full-time is really getting to be a drag...  yeah, I know folks would love to have the job etc   and shoveling/driving/dealing with snow has no attraction for me...

I have thought about this for months now, done all kinds of figuring, estimating costs etc--both monetary and personal-- and I get absolutely nowhere... people say--do what makes you happy-- that is the million dollar question (ha, maybe a million bucks would make the decision easier, lol) anyhow, time is a-flitting, the baby will be here and i'll still be no closer to deciding than I am now....

Very exciting, Lucinda.  I think ?Florida is a no brainer. And retirement is Vunderbar!

I'm not good with resolutions.

I suck at resolutions but that doesn't mean I don't make em.  I try to be realistic.  The focus is of course doing something to improve my life and start living a more healthy lifestyle.  I also need to learn a skill and get a hobby that I enjoy and that will keep me active and engaged when I retire in 10 years or more, like making jewelry or re-upholstery.  Something I can do when I retire and earn a little something on the side, keep me socially and mentally engaged in the world.  I have real isolationist tendencies.  LOL  

I like making resolutions for myself, this year is to be more social go and do more things instead of staying home. I usually find some way that will improve my life that I can strive to accomplish. My intent is to move in the direction to a more satisfying life, not to torture myself with things I know would be too difficult.

I used to write stuff down back when I was young(er). the trouble is, I have found some of these recently from about 15-20 years ago and its just a LITTLE depressing that I haven't gotten organized, travelled Europe, or published a book yet!! NOW I would settle for STOP  "mindlessly" setting things down in the wrong place so I LOSE them!! I SERIOUSLY drive myself crazy misplacing things!!

THIS year will be some changes for me. If all goes well and I'm able to drag myself awake at 5am to go to a 4 week training course to become a CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANT (and pass the test) then I should have a good job by the week of February 3rd. Once I AM certified, I plan to apply at jobs "ON" Lake Erie in Ohio and LIVE on the lake, maybe by the time summer rolls around again!

I am fairly healthy but WHO really KNOWS? Its better to practice preventative medicine than try to FIX it later....

well i don't make resolutions .. never have .. probably because i know i'll just keep on livin my life the way i am now .. as far as havin my bills paid , well i always do that .. i'm pretty organized as far as that goes .. gettin my house cleaned ?? fugetaboutit .. i have guitar parts everywhere .. my whole house is my shop .. as well as my shop is my shop .. but i'm commin up on retirement soon too tho so maybe that will change by next year .. turn my shop into a recordin studio .. its in my mind so the seed is planted .. i might still work on a few guitars here and there but not like now .. far as my health goes well .. my beard is all gray , probably more like white actually but the hair on my head is still that dirty dishwater blonde .. so my point is if you get the connection is your health is gonna do what its gonna do anyway .. yeah you can take some steps to lose a few pounds , eat right , don't smoke , drink very little , and i am doin all that .. quit smokin about 18 years or so ago .. quit drinkin  ( ok let me clarify that statement ) i don't drink anything like i used to .. which was pretty much everyday .. you'd never see me loaded but i usually had a good buzz on .. and now i'l have one or maybe two every now and then .. and the now and thens are gettin further and further apart .. the last time i had a drink was probably about 3 months ago .. and i really don't miss it .. i used to think i was an alcoholic .. but then i figured out that i was just thirsty .. and as far as my livin arrangements go i'm pretty much where i wanna be .. it would be nice to be able to see my son and my grandaughter aggie but this is what it is as it is..   and i just found out on christmas that i'm gonna be a grandfather again in august .. but i don't think there's much of a chance i could afford to live back up in jersey even if i wanted to .. 

and cindy. i'm not sure how much longer the price of houses is gonna stay this low in my area of florida ..i see em goin up all the time .. i have a buddy goin thru a divorce and he's gonna move down here as soon as he's got all that squared away and as i'm lookin at places they're disappearin as quick as i look .. he just retired too and his income ain't gonna be all that much but i went over his finances with him and as meager as his is he's gonna be able to swing somethin .. but then how much does he really need .. a little 2 bedroom would work fine .. and they have loads of them down here for us old foagy's ..  i'm not sure where your daughter is but if its anywhere near me there are still some places that you could afford all acordin to what you absolutely need to have to be happy .. some places are downright cheap .. and if you get in a 55+ community some of them places are pretty cheap but the home owners ass. fee's kill ya .. and how close do you really wanna be to your daughter ?? next door might sound nice now .. but a 5 mile buffer zone might be better in reality ..nothin worse than havin your grandkids and kids stop in while you're out back skinny dippin in the pool with the handyman named hank or bob or tom ..  

Yeah frenchy, you make it all so appealing especially with that soon to be single buddy of yours moving down there. Lol. I've been looking around at condos and part-time jobs and really think I could manage ok.... Altho the condo fees can kill ya, more than the actual mortgage... And I seriously think it's time to start over or at least live my life the way I want to.... I should have you be my "agent" down there too...
First of the year, I'll be asking work for the month of March off--the baby is due that month, I can stay at my mothers place( and a month is probably all we both could take!) and then come back here.... But if work says no-- then March 1st I pack up the car and say adios up here....




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