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How did your husband or wife purpose too you ?

Were you surprised ?

Was it in a romantic setting ?

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I've never been proposed to in my life yet....guess there's still time huh? LOL!! I love to hear other's stories though.


That's funny Callie...made me smile.

My husband asked my son for my hand in marriage before he asked me.  My son almost let it slip, so on the weekend my husband proposed, I knew something was up.  But what respect he showed my son, a teenager at the time.

This made me stop and think. I have received 8 proposals of marriage in my life. The first one was on a lovely little footbridge in a gorgeous wooded park in sw Milwaukee. One I received only about 2 months after meeting the man. My kids' dad put my ring in the bottom of a cup of horrible coffee at a diner across the street from the concert hall I was about to sing in. I didn't want to drink the coffee, and he almost had a nervous breakdown trying to get me to finish it. I really scared him when I tried to give my coffee away! It took me almost a year to accept the last proposal. After all those years, I was understandably gun-shy.

I've had more than a few, the surprises were the ones I turned down. The others were expected and very nice but not original. I don't like a lot of attention when it comes to things like that, I leak tears.

I had one marriage proposal . She asked me to marry her and i did . One of the stupidest things i ever have done . One time i started seeing a Lady from a Singles Club after i was divorced . I never had sex with that woman (Bill Clinton) . Although she wanted me to tie her up to her four posted bed and i could have my way with her (Stupid Me for not indulging) .  She asked me one night if i would marry her she would have a house built any way shape or form . That scared me and i never went back . Her first name was Judy . Walking away ? Well maybe a dumb decision for me tom make ?

I've had a couple of women propose marriage to me -

But they only wanted me for my body; So, being a gentleman, I politely refused.

Well when she proposed to me it sure wasn't for my body or sex . More just to get away from home ....




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