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Ran to the 7 11 to grab a pot pie for breakfast.  There way a kid about 20 or so in line behind me in work clothes.  As I got in my car he comes out and motions for me to roll my window down. I locked the car and cracked the window.  Of all things he asks me for pain pills.  I said no...and if I did I woundn't give you any. Then I drove out of there pretty darn quickly. What is up with people these days!!??

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I guess but geez to ask a perfect stranger???

I do not know, you do not look like a drug dealer in your picture dwalt.  Maybe keep a few small dog treats in a little brown bag for guys like that.

Well little did he know I have something called a .38 for things that go bump in the night..or day.

I've had people ask me to buy liquor for them in a jiffy store and the grocery where the liquor store is but never drugs. I have had a couple people at the cancer center tell me they have been approached by people in the parking lot asking for drugs. My niece who works at a large hospital ER tells me there are people who will also approach folks as they are leaving the ER asking for drugs.

Well I guess all I have to say is "those people" have way too much time on their hands.

i wonder if you might be a magnet for weirdos......just asking....

No, Seattle is just full of weiro's.

Dwalt....If they are addicted they are spending their time figuring out how to get the drugs they need...it's a 24 hour job.. Their brains don't work the way ours do.

I guess.  Seems like there would be a better way than asking a stranger though. He did get in a nice car and drive off.

A 'pot' pie huh?

Maybe you shouldn't be throwing stones.

Pot pie , now theres a thought .....




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