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Viewing the thread on Guy Fieri, I had to google that to find out who or what the heck that was, and while (mostly by unwelcome osmosis) taking in the news as of late, I had no idea who Bruce Jenner was, but didn't bother to google that, didn't know Whitney Houston even had a daughter. But I am getting caught up now (and may be banned for my accomplishment) and read this today in the wake of all the Valentine's Day stuff. It's a long way from the Charlie Brown Valentine Story.

"The Perfect Gift for a Long-Distance Valentine?

Though sex toys didn’t make the list of most purchased Valentine’s Day gifts, we imagine at least a few lucky people will be unwrapping vibrators, dildos, and or something else to play with this weekend. There are even options for people in straight relationships who live far away from their Valentine: The Dutch start-up company Kiiroo believes it has invented the perfect solution. Cleverly termed teledildonics, the Pearl (vibrator) and the Onyx (a penis masturbation sleeve) work together over WiFi to track your movements and transmit them to your partner. For example, if one person starts thrusting a little faster into the Onyx, the Pearl will kick its speed up a notch to match. The company also has a video chat platform, if you’d like to watch what your partner is up to in addition to feeling them."   http://rhrealitycheck.org/article/2015/02/12/week-sex-valentines-da...

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From my own experience those sleeves can slip off and get poked down in there . Make sure ya got some very long needle nose pryers handy . Took me 15 minutes to get one out , just saying .....

Hmmm, would you call that mutual, virtual masturbation?  

yeah that sounds about right t .. maybe mvm for short ..  

hmmm so does that supercede the old maxim...

I'm thinking the technology would get in the way..geez...virtual sex...why bother.
I thought I was behind the times with the latest celebrity news..I can't keep up..my advice...don't try.




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