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These are really funny. I can think of several little confession notes that Schotzie needs to write...just that one small issue...no opposible thumbs..lol.
How did that Dachsie get up on the counter to pee in the bowl of fruit...serious height challenge...he must have had help..

I'm not sure when these shaming posts started but they always make me laugh. I feel so lucky to have dogs that never pee or poo in the house and they don't shed either.  Whew!

I couldn't access this but I think I've seen some of the bad dog antics before if that's what it is. My big dog is a goofy SCOOBY DOO like dog but never gets into ANYTHING and is good. My rat terrier, Dakota ATTACKS dogs twice her size when given the chance at which they look at her with a WTH expression. My Papillion ATTACKED a German Shepherd when she got loose at my daughter's boyfriend house!! Luckily the german shepherd was so confused to WHAT the heck that little thing WAS, he didn't retaliate. (A giant mouse? A rabid CAT?)

 GINGER the PAPILLION has a dirty little habit....she is a HOARDER!! LOL!! LAST year sometime,  I "thought" I had "too many" afghans/throws and pillows and one day decided  to get RID of some but when I looked, it wasn't as bad as I THOUGHT so I went on to do something ELSE. About a month or so later, my daughter is CRACKING up and lokoing under the couch where deep in the "abyss" was not only a few "throws" but a few pillows, a notebook, a couple bottles of water, an umopened pudding cup, a spoon, a rubber band, the remote control for the DVD, a Bible, a pen, some chewed up ear buds, and of COURSE some STOLEN dog toys (brand NEW I had bought for each of my 4 dogs (my 2 bigger dogs  could NEVER fit under there!) My daughter jokingly said Ginger and Dakota were holding a prayer session for my mission trip to Africa!!




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