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We are what we are . Do you feel sometimes you feel like you are living in the Past , Here and Now or the Future as life is today ? Do You keep up with Progress ?

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We all live in a combination of the three - Our memories are a major part of what makes us what we are, and living in the present is how we prep ourselves for the long road ahead.

Or don't prep ourselves for the long road ahead. The last two years of our life has been pretty fractured, with a strong resemblance to the phrase, "the best laid plans of mice and men", but we keep plugging on. What ELSE are we gonna do ?

Anybody who lives exclusively in the past, the present or the future is either too rich to care or unbelievably lucky.

One of my grandma's favorite sayings was, "A day late and a dollar short" and THAT is ME!! I live a little in the past as far as interests, styles, and technology.  I know the bare basics of technology/computers but feel I am sorely lacking. I have a phone that probably has a million apps and I have NO IDEA how to utilize all that. I want to get pictures off my computer and back on to a SD card to load on a Digital picture viewer for my son and when the guy at Best Buy was explaining what I could do, I felt like UH DUH!!

I like to shop for clothes at Goodwill because I prefer the styles from years past as opposed to TODAY'S style.

I like old TV shows, old music, and old movies.

I LOVE my present life and eagerly anticipate the future. Its NOT that I LONG for the past, I think I was just born too late or something...!!

Lately I have thought about how I've become more out of touch with life as it is today. I'm fortunate enough that I'm retired without money issues........MY 'oldfogeyhood' is simply personal choice....I select what I want from technology, but have little interest in most of it....nor am I interested in most popular culture. I have flat screen TV's, a blue ray dvd, a GPS, desktop computer, laptop computer, a digital camera, and a hardtop convertible.

I don't have one of those gol-durned cellphones.....I'm retired and not on call....I get irritated at people driving and talking, let alone texting....they think they are multi-tasking while the majority of them are doing 2 things poorly. I don't own a tablet, I don't have one of them there new fangled gadgets that people use to read books......I like libraries and bookstores and the feel of real books, and by jiminy I don't have or want any APPS......I like  going to real stores and seeing real merchandise (it becomes a social event for me)....granted being retired I'm not pressed for time so gadgets that save time and keep me at home hold no interest for me. I could care less about the personal lives of the rich and famous be they actors, sports stars, or robber barons. I'm not interested in any reality shows.....other then the reality show that is my life..... I like about 1 out of 10 movies,I won't go to places like Buffalo Wild Wings because I find the noise level intolerable (and I'm no longer a happening person) etc., etc.

So I'm not emeshed in all things new and popular. What I am is happy.

I use what I need and ignore the rest. At 68 years of age I travel extensively, read a lot of BOOKS, am physically active (though some of my former capacities have diminished as my age has advanced), I amuse myself on the internet, spend lots of time with the g-kids, go to QIUET restaurants, play card with 'the boys", love to cook, like to shop, selectively watch tv and movies, and I focus on ME and what I like......not what excites others.......so you could say time has passed me by......but my time is what I care about.   

I wanta live in my past so much . Those to me was the best days , happiest days . I long for my loved ones that have left us .

For the present . With my health problems of Obesity and not being able to walk beats me down . My Doctor is looking for a chance for me to have Bariatric surgery soon . Will see how that pans out . I enjoy so much my computer learning new things , do things i never dreamed of being able to do . I need to learn . It keeps my mind engaged . I consider myself kinda smart and intelligent . Contrary to what some think of me .

For the future . I am always dreaming what comes next . I still hope to meet my parents in another life knowing that may never happen . So many people beat ya down on our on beliefs now a days . For my future i feel death is getting closer and closer . Hope to extend my life a few years by getting healthier as time rolls on . 

well i'm a lot like you uno .. don't own a cell phone or have one in my forseeable future ..i do like my computer and use it to find things , learn things and for entertainment ( i can get lost for hours on youtube just surfin around .. ) i miss the days of vinyl albums and don't download music , but then most of the stuff nowadays don't appeal to me anyway .. i miss the days of the beatles and the band where it was more about the music .. if i had more space on my walls i'd hang up old album covers cause they are art to me .. somehow cd covers don't do it for me the same way.. couldn't care less about people who are famous for bein famous .. i'll admit i don't really have that shoppin gene and if i can get it online i'd rather do it that way so i like that side of the new technology but back then there was always the sears catalog , same difference .. i prefer to watch a movie at home but find more often than not they're kinda dissappointin . could be from ownin my own video store for years and years .. you get to knowin whats commin next cause you've seen it all before .. but every now and then somebody does somethin different and i'll keep watchin for that reason..i cut the cable about a year ago and got a roku and most people would be amazed how much you can get thats on the internet and just stream it .. and most of it is free .. and the great thing is you're not locked into somebody elses time schedule .. its no longer whats on now .. its what do you want to see now .. and then you stream it .. if you don't like it you can quit in the middle and find somethin else .. wanna see a good documentary ?? its there .. a concert ?? its there too ..or how about just a radio talk show to listen to in the backround while you do somethin else ?? thats there too .. its a little harder to navigate around on it cause there's hundreds of channels , but i think its the future so in that regard i guess i'm a pioneer .. i used to watch sports more and got more personanlly involved till i had that epiphany that hey i'm not on the payroll so win or lose there ain't no check commin my way .. so now i just enjoy a good game and have no dog in the fight either way .. and it makes the game more fun ..i used to play in a band and while i love music i'm not at all in love with the kinda life you have to lead if fame is your desire .. so i still get together and play music for the pure love of it and its so much more fullfillin to me that way even if only a few select people get to hear it .. the older i get the less i need to be in the spotlight center stage .. i've proved all i ever need to and don't feel the need to keep doin it .. i still work part time but do what i love doin and do it on my own terms and hours and as long as i make enough which sometimes ain't all that much i'm happy .. don't have that travel bug at all which is one of the main reasons why i'm not a rock star .. so i guess in my own way i've morphed into this grumpy old man who ain't really all that grumpy .. there are days i feel older than others but i think i've earned it .. in a little less than a year i'll probably retire but i'll keep on workin partime as long as i still enjoy it .. so i think that while i still have half a foot entrenched in the past and half in the present my other foot is entrenched in the present mostly and i've got a few toes pointed towards the future .. i have no illusions and know that physically my best days are way way way behind me .. but i can still have a good time .. i just have to pick my spots now .. and naps .. naps are my friend .. gotta get my beauty rest .. can't stay lookin this good if i didn't .. lol.. eh that really is funny .. cause i don't really look that good .. its all an illusion and done with mirrors .. reminds me of what cary grant said once when he was invited to a party and nobody had seen him in awhile and the lady at the door said gee you don't look like cary grant .. and he replied nobody does .. nobody does ..       

Roku is really good . Frenchy if your cable is still connected to your TV run a scan and see what channels come in . My cable is cut off and I still get 18 channels suits me fine . Roku is a plus ..

well wayne your dr. is doin the right thing .. unless you lose the weight he knows that whatever they try to do with your knees it will never hold up under all that weight so its a waste of time .. so till you lose it they won't operate on you .. so go along and maybe in a year or so you'll get outta that chair and walk again .. i know it seems like a long way off but you didnt get like you are now in 15 minutes .. so you can't undo it in 15 minutes either .. but you have a real chance now to make your life better .. it will help you in so many ways .. your diabetes will improve and the strain on the rest of your organs will be less too.. at this point in your life its the best thing you can do for yourself .. so do it .. by all means do it .. i wish you luck ..  

Amen!  Things are looking up, Wayne.

If I get to have that surgery I am looking forward to getting it done .

I still like "real" stores as well even though it is so convenient to shop online.  I do both, don't want to take may hand out of things that have given me pleasure for my whole life, but not afraid to try something new, either.

Had a wonderful childhood--miss everybody, but I don't dwell on it.  Adulthood has always been a challenge for one reason or another, and continues to be so, but I guess that's just part of life.

The future is an open road and does not scare me.  I still make changes in my behavior to help with the future.

Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep, Wayne.

For the most part I like where I am in life. Money wise I'm good, no major isuues to speak of except my back.  Looking back I have lead a pretty darn good life. Got a couple more years until retirement and then I'm getting out of this state!!

I don't have too many regrets (only one I can think of) and have learned I don't have to be around people or things I don't like..




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