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Do nice guys really finish last ?

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lately i been thinkin that .. 

Depends what your end finish is...what are you measuring?
Thing is it's seldom all good or all cruel it's all degrees and how we value things in life.
For me just being alive and living a long life isn't enough..I have to be interacting with people and life in general and facing challenges in my life and sharing something of myself and being honest with myself.
Statements are seldom so simple.

They asked that question on news this morning . I don't know if they were referring to Sex or not . 

well if you knew what was goin on with me lately .. and none of it is because i was an asshole .. which in retrospect is what i shoulda been .. trust me .. i resemble that remark .. 

Really Wayne, the news in your area usually refers to sex on a regular basis?  

that's what's considered oral sex in some places: they talk about it...or maybe that's aural sex: they hear about it...

oh and the concept that nice guys finish last? might be the idea that the assholes get ahead quicker because they only think of themselves, tho in the long run that is shortsighted since other people learn eventually what they are really like

Actually it was on CBS national news .


Sorry, Frenchy.  I am realizing that we go up, we go down, and there ain't nothing any of us can do about.

I don't think nice guys finish last because as long as people did their best, in themselves they can take pride.

Yesterday on the way out of ShopRite was a young man, woman and their two kids.  He had a sign that said: I lost my job, have two kids, need help so that I can buy food.  I gave him a dollar and walked to the pizza place to bring home two slices of margarita pizza to my daughter.  While there, I thought to buy a huge calzone type thing filled with chicken parm and also some water to bring back to the family.  When I returned, they gone.  I am sure it was illegal to sit outside Shoprite begging for money, and someone chased them away.  So, I was stuck for a few bucks, but I knew I did a good thing.  I'd rather give food than money because I'm always wary that the money will be used for drugs.

So, I was a nice guy and I lost, but inside myself, I knew I had done a nice thing. 

That up and down seems right on ....

I always try to let the woman finish first.

I guess that makes me a nice guy.




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