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Ya know i think all ta time . We all have heard that when our loved ones die that their in "Heaven looking down smiling at us and so happy . Maybe they are Maybe they ain't .

I've been told that when a people die (animals too) go to a resting place . Sure did . Six feet under . Resting real well now . Hell someday we all will get to rest that's more realistic i think .

Now lets think about the part in Heaven . Say my mom or dad are looking down on me . Would i want my parents watching me while i Masturbate . If that was true I'd never pop off .

What about you ? Would you want your loved ones watching every thing ya do . Surely ya wouldn't want them viewing you in the throws of sex or would ya ? 

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People watching while I masturbate...that's heaven on earth.

I don't think my dad is watching over me. We never got along in this life ,not sure why he would all of a sudden care.  I talk to my grandma a lot.  Not really sure what I believe in.  I think anyone dead following me around would get so bored.

O my I would never get bored around ya Carrie.....




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