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I know why Charlie Manson did not marry his young girlfriend. Apparently, it's been all over the news, but I never heard it until today on Outlaw Country on Satellite in my car. She had entrepenuerial intentions. She figured he doesn't have too much longer to live, and she wanted his permission to have his body preserved and open a museum about the Helter Skelter era with his body as the drawing attraction. She was an enterprising young capitalist!

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i don't even know what to say about this .. i'm speechless.. 

OMG!!!  That's a first!

nah not really .. there's lottsa times i don't have anything to say about somethin .. so i don't .. i'll admit that sometimes i'm chocked fulla conversation .. but i have other times when you just wonder whats goin on in my head .. and i do too .. 

I'll donate my Penis for her adventure . It hasn't been used much !

I googled that and it is a story here and there. Sounds enterprising. Some of the stories quoted Charlie as saying he is immortal and will never die so not to worry. Other claim he was just stringing her along because she brought gifts to prison for him. I say he should be donated to science and his brain dissected to see what went wrong.




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