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just a thought thats been goin around in my head lately and thought i'd share it .. there seems to be a lot of people who don't like the word socialism .. and to live in the usa where capitalism rules its an even dirtier word .. and i wonder why that is .. i've always said the true measure of any great society is how well they treat the least among them .. and yet a lot of people think that if you have any kind of social net to break the less fortunates fall you're not helpin them but enablin them .. to some degree they may be right .. a lot of people want to think if you want it bad enough you'll work for it yourself .. if thats a brand new flashy car or the house on the hill that costs 3.2 mill i'd have to agree .. but what about basic human needs ?? such as just some kind of roof over your head , basic transportation to a job of some sort .. an education , clothes , food thats actually nutricious .. basic stuff that some take for granted ..

i see where cyprus wants to take like 9% out of everyones bank account because they're havin some serious money troubles .. and it will hit the really rich harder because after all they have more money so they'll pay more .. and of course they all wanna flee the country with their money .. but it makes me think .. we live in a structured society and that takes money to keep it runnin .. schools , hospitals , police , firemen , who pays for all that ?? if you live in that country shouldn't you ?? if you earn more shouldn't you pay a little more for the privilige of livin there and gettin those services ?? i mean what if they couldn't pay the police and firemen and all them things and you were bein robbed and called for help and the answer was well we had to let the police go because we couldn't pay them .. and the person who was callin was sayin i know .. the police are the ones that are robbin me .. 

now could that happen here ?? who knows ?? maybe? maybe not?? but does anyone really wanna push the issue to find out ?? i think capitalism only works if everyone gets to share the spoils .. such as gm has a banner year and makes record profits due to hard work and good execution .. and then you see the ceo gets a 5 million dollar bonus .. and the workers get a turkey at thanksgivin .. seem about right ?? since the 70's the average pay in dollar amounts and actual worth has declined for the american worker every year but has gone up for the people at the top by as much as 300% .. anybody think this is fair ?? 

don't get me wrong here i'm not sayin that if you're down on your luck the guberment should put you up in the ritz.. there are a lot of things that can be fine tuned a bit better .. but socialism is not a bad thing in my mind .. what do you guys think?? be nice now .. no pushin no shovin and no sniffin hineys ..  

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well down here by me i called home depot big butt city .. cause all the girls that worked there had really big butts .. not that i have anything against big butts .. cause i don't .. i can't say if all home depots are like that tho .. could just be the guy who does the hirin for the one near me .. and as far as the people at home depot knowin whats goin on ?? i dunno about that either .. seems like its mostly the legion of losers to me .. i go in there lookin for a specific drill bit and try to get some help and the guy there will be tellin me no ,no, no, thats not the size you need for that job .. you need this one .. and i'l be shakin my head and sayin are you sure ?? and i'll get well i used to be a contractor and i know what i'm talkin about so i'll take his advice and it will be soooo the wrong size and back i go and get the one i thought i needed to begin with .. never seems to fail .. and then i have that aha moment .. if this shithead really knew what he was doin he'd still have his contractor biz.. but some of the houses he built probably fell down or somethin.. so here he is workin at home depot .. helpin other people build shit that will fall apart .. i'd rather go to ace too .. and now that i know what they're doin to the full timers ( even tho they really ain't all that knowledgeable .. they still need a job too .. even if its not much more than minimum wage ) it makes me want to go to home depot even less .. and my son used to work there a few years back after he broke his leg .. and my mom would beg me to try and get him to stay there because she thought it would be a better career for him .. i'm glad he left .. 




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