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Autumn and Winter are a great time to finish up unfinished projects! What is lying around your studio/closet that should really be picked up and finally finished? I've got a couple of paintings just begging for some final precision. One I did of a courtyard in Australia and a water color I started in Okinawa - It would be so easy to finish them off! What's on your to do list? Maybe we can encourage each other to get going!

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My kiln just came, so the state of everything is on the verge of high gear...until this cold goes away.
Hi, that is exciting. what will you use your kiln for?
All right Jackie, so what have you done with that kiln!?
Oooh! Jackie. I want to come over and play! That is SO exciting!!
Cool Frank! I've been working on a hearth pad for my new wood stove. Tomorrow I do the mortar - here is how it looks after cutting the tile. It's not really art, but...

The stove guys said I did a real good job with my hearth pad. It's nice to be recognized by the professionals!

I think Decor comes under the heading of Art.  I like this very much.  How does it look with the wood stove on it? 

I think it looks pretty good!

Okay so what is everyone up to now? I've got to put an edge on my hearth pad and then I'm thinking about a floor for my porch!
Working on the right sleeve - should be done by tomorrow!

Well that is cute.  I don't think I could get my dog to wear one but where we live it is not very cold too often. 

If it gets cold enough, they'll wear them, but they don't love to wear them!




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