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I am what the people in the biz call a "Character Actor."  I have been in a number of westerns and some other flicks.  I most always play the "bad guy."  I have experience there since I spent a few years in San Quentin.  Do you know who I am?

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Is his name Gordon something?  He's young in that picture!

I think you are thinking of Leo Gordon, aren't you?

Yes Leo Gordon, the quintessential BAD guy.

Here's one of my favorite character actors. Do you recognize him? He was in a notable horror movie as well as many westerns and gangster films.

Elisha Cook Jr. ..... Bogie slapped him around in the Maltese Falcon.

Blonde bombshell that starred in many gangster movies and often caste with Alan Ladd, because she was about the only leading lady who wasn't taller than Alan! 

Veronica Lake.   Jack White has a guitar named Veronica Lake.

Your turn to put one up, CaliforniaNow!

I recognize Jim Rockford's father...Rocky.

That's Noah Beery.

This guy played an old guy...even when he was a young guy.

You  are Burt Mustin! Love that guy! We saw him in Bewitched and Dobie Gillis and Andy Griffith. What a fun face to see! Check him out when he was young!

A handsome young man - but you can still see that face he will become!

Love that guy.....saw him in a LOT of pictures.  Thank you Eddie and WS.




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