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Alfred Hitchcock "The Birds"

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I was about five years old the first time I saw Goerge Pal's "War Of The Worlds". Scared the crap outta me. Had nightmares for weeks. The triple-irised cyclops Martian haunted me.

What a fantastic topic!  It is such a tough call. For me I think one of the scariest movies is Night of the Living Dead! I still don't even like thinking about it at night (and the dvd stays in a different room than the one I sleep in!!)

I'll go with the sequel to that one:

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I first saw NOTLD on a double date after having consumed some sort of mind-altering substance. :>)  I wouldn't advise doing that.

Not chills-scary, but just horrible, jump out of your seat:  Alien.  The thing coming out of his stomach is still the worst I've seen.  Of course, I don't go to the gory ones anymore.  I don't even like The Walking Dead on TV.

Yes, that is a good one! That Alien coming out of the stomach still occurs to me every time I get an upset tummy!

I've always gone with 'The Birds' because it can scare me even when I'm not watching. Just looking at a group of birds on a telephone wire creeps me out. I wonder what they're plotting.

I have to admit when I see a lot of birds on a wire, I think about The Birds. Personally I think that film is about men's fear of women's sexuality and how women need to be punished, so I think it is doubly scary! Melanie starts off an independent and knowledgeable woman and ends up a frightened and meek weak member of the family!


Alfred Hitchcock always manages to peg my .....scarry.....meter.

I have 2 and maybe they ARENT so bad but they were ones i saw as a young child when i should NOT have been....lol and they just STICK in my head when someone says SCARY MOVIE. They are: AUDREY ROse, , The Night Sister Evelyn Rose From the Grave, and Rosemarys Baby also. If i am at my dads house at night,  i STILL "see" creepy ole sister Evelyn out the kitchen window until i realize its MY REFLECTION.....LOL!

Kim, I just noticed I have a copy of Evelyn - guess I'll have to take a look!




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