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Swimming or Sunbathing?  Neither? Why?

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I don't know how to swim so I would have to go with sunbathing but I don't do that anymore. 

Swimming for me. I think that's the best physical shape I've ever been in when I lived at an apt. complex that had a pool & I swam almost every day. Also, sunbathing is not my cuppa tea at all; I sunburn really easy & can't stand it if the temp. climbs up over 60.

A solid Neither. With 4 basal cell carcinomas having been cut out and dozens of precancers frozen off every year, I don't do anything in the sun. Indoor pool so smelly and incredibly boring just standing there in pool.

I'm not a fan of sun bathing. I'm not much of a swimmer but I like floating along in the water.

Swimming I love, I don't like getting so hot.

My misspent youth included sunbathing on the beach of the Pacific Ocean and I have the sun damaged skin to show for it..ceased that over 40 years ago. Swam in the ocean, too, and when I had a pool at home, but never a great swimmer and haven't done that in years. I'd rather sit in a jacuzzi, but hypertension makes that a no-no. All in the past.

I spent my youth summers on the beach and in the ocean or in a pool every day every summer - sunburned??  many many times.  As I got older  I like lying on the beach and going in the ocean to cool off.  Haven't seen the ocean since I have been down here in NC.

I prefer a beach, but the knees don't allow that anymore.

Both! I love to swim and sit on the beach! Not a "sunbather" though.

Neither. Well I certainly don't need a tan and you couldn't pay me to get in either a pool or the ocean. I can't swim anyway...but I don't even want to wet my feet in the ocean anymore.




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