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If a young adult asked you for one piece of advice, what would you tell them?

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Wait a few years before you get married and start a family.

Never count on someone else to "make you happy"; the only one responsible for your happiness....is you.

That is so true and so misunderstood.

Save money for emergencies and use your best judgments in situations.

Get as much education as you can and then find a good job with a large company or the government so you have a pension.  

Be careful of who you choose for friends and never let anyone treat you like crap.

So true what everyone else has said so far.

Hi Officerripley.  Are you where all the fires are out west?

Hi, Helen; we're close enough; we haven't had to evacuate but 1 cousin-in-law did (luckily his house made it & he's back home) and another cuz-in-law was even closer to us & was under evac. watch for a while. We've got ashes all over the yard, the vehicles and I'm starting to forget what a blue sky looks like, still so much smoke in the air. It's frustrating: it's finally starting to cool off but the air is so bad we can't turn off the A/C or open windows. At least our skies aren't red or orange anymore.




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