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What's your choice?  McDonald;s, Hardees or Burger King?

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Never had Hardees but between the other 2, I choose Burger King.

My own kitchen or bbq


we do not do fast foods

Back in the day Hardees, to us the others just didn't compare. These days we don't eat fast food .

I liked Burger King but I was probably most partial to Wendy's.

Don't eat fast food, but I used to like Hardee's here, but it burned down about 20 years ago (all that grease, I guess)

If I'm going to have it, it would be Burger King.

Our closest Hardies is 25 miles away, so we rarely try it except occasionally on vacation. Of the other two, I would normally pick  McDonald's but my  overall preference would be Five Guys. Josi, however prefers Wendy's or Arbys, so that's where we usually go.

Fuve guys are great.  Love their fries.  

Hardees is Carl's Jr. on the west coast. Of those three I pick Carl/s Jr. (But I prefer In 'N Out!)

Agreed, when we are at daughter's house in California, it is In-N-Out first, Carl's Jr. second.  Jack In The Box only when its the only choice in the airport.

Hardees but they moved out and now I guess I like burger king better

Mine is McDonals's, hands down.




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