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What's happening in your world now? What are you up to lately?

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I just got back this evening from attending my brother in law's funeral.  He died suddently from a brain bleed.  We left Sunday morning, the funeral was Monday - with military honors, burried in the Veterans cemetary in Estelle Manor, NJ.  Quick trip up and back.   Glad to be back home to a quiet nite.  Going to the Moose Friday nite to a party - bringing a dessert and gifts to excahnge and Saturday with gifts for children and a dessert.  Then we'll play dominos on Sunday nnite and it's my turn to cook dinner and make a dessert.  Lots to do over the weekend,  but we'll have a few days to relax.

My condolences for your brother-in-law, sorry to hear that.

Thank you officerripley.  This is very kind of you.  He was part of our family for over 56 years and a wonderful, kind man.

Today I will be making my last batches of candies and cookie bars. I've already made 3 kinds of fudge, peanut clusters and cornflake candy and  gave out. We've had a lot of rain lately so that put a stop to my candy making for a little while. Today I'm going to make toffee, no bake oatmeal cookies and date nut bars. If I have time I might make something else today but haven't made my mind up yet.




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